About RP optical lab

RP Optical Lab is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, a leading company in the field of developing and producing Electro-Optical modules.

RP specializes in the field of thermal imaging and involved in the defense, homeland security, medical and commercial markets.

Product lines include HD Video Engine, Multi-sensor systems and cooled / uncooled IR-based thermal / IR cameras using high performance thermal zoom lenses covering the entire range of VIS, SWIR, MWIR up to LWIR.

The company has in-house innovative design and engineering, resulting in the fastest time to market available.

RP Optical Lab’s facilities

RP optical lab premises include state of the art infrastructure, equipment and tools.

Assembly tools & means:

  • Optical elements centering machine
  • Clean Laminaire work-station and environment

Calibration & Test equipment:

  • IR Collimators
  • Calibration black body with tests targets.
  • Cooled & Uncooled Detectors of all types

Design tools and programs:

  • ZEMAX, TracePro, SolidWorks and other tools.

RP Optical Lab founders

  • Mr. Ran Carmeli

Ran Carmeli serves as the CEO of RP Optical Lab.

Mr. Carmeli has a Master of Science in Physics from Tel Aviv University. Graduated “Talpiot” special program.

Mr. Carmeli has 25 years of experience in physics and electro-optical product development and commercialization, and was the founder of three companies dealing with Physics and Electro Optics. Has been awarded the
 “Security of Israel” award for 1990.

  • Mr. Pavel Reshidko

Pavel Reshidko serves as the CTO of RP Optical Lab.

Mr. Reshidko has a Ph.D. ABD. of Science in Applied Optics from Bauman School (Moscow).

Mr. Reshidko has 20 years of experience in physics and electro-optical product development and specializes in optical design of complicated optical modules including those for the thermal imaging.
Mr. Reshidko designed and installed the facilities for aspheric optical production for a few companies in Israel and abroad.

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