Multi-Sensor Systems

RP Optical Lab offers different configurations of the Multi-Sensor systems at top of the line performance levels for border, coastal surveillance, and critical infrastructure protection.
The multi sensor modular system, adaptable to customer needs and missions, consists of an LWIR or MWIR with Standard (SD) or High Definition (HD) resolution cooled thermal imaging camera – providing multiple thermal zoom lenses option, a day camera with multiple optional sensor and lens types, and an accurate eye-safe laser range finder (LRF) unit, all mounted on a Pan/Tilt unit with various performance/ stabilization levels.
RP Optical Lab assists you to select the best combination of EO modules for your need.

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Multi-sensor Systems

Lantis System

The RP Optical Lab unique LANTIS system. A super high accuracy FOG stabilized pedestal, carrying an Elctro Optical payload for long range surveillance & tracking ready for harsh environments.
The Electro optical payload combines thermal / Infrared cameras, day cameras and optionally LRF (Laser range finder) module all providing exceptional performance designed to meet the user’s needs.
The LANTIS system integrates easily with main systems to accurately:
• Acquire and track inbound targets
• Predict target’s future position
• Slew main system modules to the correct position

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Lantis system